Monday, September 24, 2007

Onto 7 Months

Tzofi's 7th month kicked off with a bang as she started attending playgroup! Called a mishpachton in Hebrew, Tzofi joins 4 other kids - from 9 months to 14 months - for a day of fun with Tzila, the Ganenet or teacher, and her assistant Lilach. Tzofi seems to have adjusted amazingly well - barely cries now when I drop her off - and is receiving glowing reports of sleeping well, playing nicely, singing, talking and eating up a storm.

The group spent the days before Rosh Hashana singing songs for the holiday, tasting pomegranate juice and even listening to a shofar. Parents were invited to decorate the room with cards wishing our little ones the best and happiest new year. The whole thing was super cute. It's a consensus among teachers and parents that Tzofi certainly wins the award for best dressed (thank you all for the gifts and hand-me-downs) and gets everyone talking especially at mealtime. Tzofi also seems to be the only one who gets sarcasm and can tell the twins, Alon and Itai, apart. How she does it? Nobody knows.

Pictures below:
(Top) Tzofi and one of the twins hanging out at the mishpachton-equivalent of the office watercooler
(Bottom) Ladies who lunch: Tzofi and Yaheli enjoying their carob-spread sandwiches

Friday, September 21, 2007

Shana Tova!

Please enjoy this short clip of father/daughter communication.

Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm Six Months Old Now!

Ok, actually seven months, but Dad's been lazy.

Weight: 7.3 kg
Height: 63 cm

Everything else: super cute and delicious (especially my feet)
Likes: Singing with Daddy, cuddling with Mommy, taunting Noonie, the mobile Good Morning sound 'n light show, the Beatles, Randy Kaplan's cover of "I'm a little dinosaur", Lisa Loeb's and Elizabeth Mitchell's "Big Rock Candy Mountain", baths, the remote control, jumping, sitting up, feeding myself with my spoon, tickles, walks in the park.

Dislikes: Injustice in the world, the vacuum cleaner, the car seat (sometimes)
First foods: Sweet potato, squash, applesauce, apricots, banana, rice cereal, multigrain cereal, peas, tomato, zucchini, potato, avocado, grapes

Motto: "If you hand it to me I will put it in my mouth"