Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tzofi's Big 2nd Birthday Week O' Fun

The week of February 9th was full of surprises, fun and above all - presents. This girl must have thought it was raining presents. Every day there was a new 'pecial gift awaiting her - from Savta, Gramma and Granpa, Evan (Yay yay) and Terri and the gang, Uncle Kivi and Randi, Kenny and Amir, us and more. Her friends, our friends, family from all over - it was all really nice and touching and we want to thank you all.

Surely Tzofi's big highlight of the week - aside from Savta's superfun visit - was her big birthday party at school. As you can see below, Tsila fills the special Friday with a serious ceremony. There's a bell, throne, crown, gift, hugs from everyone, special meal, cake, pictures (of Tzofi over the years), decorations, songs, dancing and lots of playing in Tzofi's honor. And at some point, Tzofi gets to sit in the center of a parachute while they all dance and sing around her.

It was her day and she shined like a star. Check out the pictures below. And thank you Tsila for all your hard work, creativity and love too. Can't wait to see what next year will bring :)

Dropping her off in the morning

Ringing the bell, calling her court to attention

The crowd of happy onlookers

Gil hugging the birthday girl as she's presented with her present from everyone

Her parachute moment (she loves the parachute)

Jumping through hoops (literally)

Exalted on her throne

The birthday rainbow cake was apparently a big hit

Monday, February 2, 2009

Indoor Winter Fun

Harry and Tzofi going stir crazy

Tzofi takes Noonie camping

The best friends, posing for the cameras (Noonie's smiling on the inside)

Chanukah Party Time - the fun, like the oil, never ends

So although it's February, we're still in Chanukah mode which is appropriate to where we live, Modiin, home of the Maccabees and all. Tzofi's still singing all her favorite Chanukah songs - including Maoz Tzur in its entirety (and accurately too I must add). And you can't blame the girl for keeping the party going since her Chanukah party at school this year was a great big blowout jamboree.

The kids were all asked to come in white - little did they know they'd be all lit up with blacklight - neato - along with all the neon dreidls that hung from the ceiling. Liat the rhythm-music teacher led a special session for parents and kids with songs and dancing. A dreidl-pinata was busted opened by the kids to reveal special toys and treats for each (from Tsila). And all the fried-food-fun ended in a big shredded paper fight which was somehow linked to the sufganiyot, or doughnuts, that Tzofi ate and later threw up.

Tsila and kids singing along

Harry and Tzofi (note the neon mobiles the kids made to take home in the background)

Shredded paper madness

At home, lighting candles