Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tzofi's End-of-Year Party Blowout: The Best Party I've Been to in Years

Although Tzofi has just about another month left of school, the end-of-year extravaganza took place last week - and let me tell you, this was the best party I've been to in years. The whole room was transformed into an under the sea theme. Blue and white balloons and inner tubes decorated the ceiling. Walls were covered in murals with all sorts of fish and sea life. And in the center of it all: the pupper master, Efrat.

Leading an encore performance of 'The Little Fish' Efrat pulled out all the stops with an extravagant, interactive performance that had all the kids dancing, singing, pretending to swim, eat ice cream, put on hats and sunscreen, and even bury themselves in sand. There were songs, there was sun and there was imagination and great fun. And puppets. Lots of sea animal puppets singing to music the kids knew and loved.

Can't even tell you what a great time Tzofi had. Dancing in the sea. Rowing along with her friends. Digging in the sand. Eating her ice cream. Below are some pics of the fun. After the performance everyone ate breakfast together. Tzila read a poem about all the kids, how much they've grown and how much she'll miss those who aren't returning next year. Us parents were prepared with our own thank you wishes and presents. And the final hours were spent reminiscing about the year, playing with their new presents from Tzila (inner tubes and puzzles with their pictures), and going nuts with joy.

Tzofi's End-of-Year Party Blowout: The Pics

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dressed for Blue Day

We're still catching up on fun things from the past two months but in the meantime, check out Tzofi all dressed up in her blue Hawaiian outfit for 'blue day' at school. (If it isn't obvious it's the last day of the week in which they learn about a certain color. And on that day they do as much as they can in that color - from arts and crafts to even food and snacks!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bobo Loves Disco

Back in May, we geared up with friends to party at the Tel Aviv Baby Loves Disco party. It was Tzofi's first - and hopefully last - time at Haoman 17. But she sure did sparkle on the dancefloor with some new moves from Harry.

A scene from their father-daughter duet. They brought the roof down. Really.

Relaxing out back on the grass with bouncy castles, ices and good times.

Fun Times Around the House

Many a June day was spent sliding in the backyard, singing along to Sesame Street and running around the house screaming and laughing.