Thursday, August 30, 2007

Guess who came for dinner?

Well the purple room was in full swing as base camp for Uncle Kivi and Randi Jo's first-time Israel travels. Harry pulled out all the stops on an amazing gourmet meal to welcome our July guests who were happy to relax in Modiin - especially after their local two hour hike which somehow included rock climbing for Randi. From the salty beaches of Tel Aviv to the kindergartens of Dimona, Uncle Kivi seems to have inherited Savta's (amazing) sense of direction as he and Randi drove North, South and everywhere in between. Below are pics from our first forays into Jerusalem. The entire gang headed to the Old City on a hot Friday morning where upon seeing the Western Wall for the first time both Randi and Tzofia declared themselves the Messiah. good times.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Back in Israel: New Tricks

With two teeth proudly jutting out from below, eating has become one of Tzofi's favorite activities. She seems to truly enjoy playing with her spoon, trying to feed herself, and tasting all the new textures of fruits and veggies. Eating has never been more fun for me, I have to admit. Hits include, sweet potato, squash, applesauce, peas and banana.

Our first trip to the States: Part 3, NYC

As Tzofi neared the final leg of her US tour, she decided to become one with her surroundings and just like NYC, Tzofi was the baby who never slept. Morning walks with Savta through city streets and parks provided more non-stop stimulation and excitement as did the streetside view from Savta's apartment. (Interestingly enough, Savta's new plasma TV was nowhere near as attractive to Tzofi as the window-view, though I'm sure that will change with time.)

Tzofi's days were packed as family and friends called to pencil in brunches and lunches across the Upper West Side. Walks down Broadway or playtime at Elie's apartment were just some other ways we spent our days. And nights, well, they were spent (up) at Savta's.

We broke from the city for a quick return to Long Island, to celebrate Shea's baby naming with proud parents Raina and Tod and meet more extended family over a good, old fashioned, shul bagel brunch.

Overall, few pics were taken toward the end of our trip, but the memories of fast-paced city fun and family times will last us until next visit.

Our first trip to the States: Part 2, Jersey Shore

For Part 2 of Tzofi's US tour, we headed to Bradley Beach, NJ where the Boston Hallers eagerly awaited us. Abel and Tzofi took to each other immediately, while Ula and Olive were happy to finally meet "Baby Tzofia" and bring her toys. Good times were had by all as we surfed in the pool, sang songs and jumped on Uncle Kivi. Generally, waking up Uncle Kivi was a fun activity for all that weekend. Sunday's Big Reunion BBQ was a big hit as cousins from near and far reunited and met the new babies in town for the first time.

Our favorite Greenbergs then came up for a few days of cheesy beachside fun for kids big and small. As the oldest, Tamar led the way, winning prizes for everyone at the Frog Bog and Fishing booths. The train at Point Pleasant was Tzofi's first carnival ride with Harry (Nighthawk), Cindy, Tamar and Ilan. The next day, she rode the historic carousel at Seaside Heights - dates back to 1910 - with me (Mommy), Cindy, Ilan and Tamar. Super Jersey Shore fun was the highlight of our trip!

Our first trip to the States: Part 1, Port Jeff

Well, part 1 of Tzofi's recent US tour was kicked off (in high gear) as Grandma and Grandpa welcomed Tzofi with lots of love - and tons of baby gear! Tzofi enjoyed endless days of cuddling, playtime and walks around town so that Grandma can shep some nachas and show off her beautiful grandaughter.

Tzofi's smile got even wider when Auntie Emily and Uncle John came to visit with (awesome) Archie in tow. Archie's moseying around the house brought a curious gaze and big smile from Tzofia.

Backtrack: Savta's May Visit

Before we get to our trip to the States, we have to highlight Savta's visit to us back in May. Though it was a quick week-long trip, Savta managed to introduce Tzofi to a ton of new things including the Mediterranean and Tel Aviv beach scene, Azrieli mall and ladies-only brunches. Good times were had by all :)