Friday, August 3, 2007

Our first trip to the States: Part 3, NYC

As Tzofi neared the final leg of her US tour, she decided to become one with her surroundings and just like NYC, Tzofi was the baby who never slept. Morning walks with Savta through city streets and parks provided more non-stop stimulation and excitement as did the streetside view from Savta's apartment. (Interestingly enough, Savta's new plasma TV was nowhere near as attractive to Tzofi as the window-view, though I'm sure that will change with time.)

Tzofi's days were packed as family and friends called to pencil in brunches and lunches across the Upper West Side. Walks down Broadway or playtime at Elie's apartment were just some other ways we spent our days. And nights, well, they were spent (up) at Savta's.

We broke from the city for a quick return to Long Island, to celebrate Shea's baby naming with proud parents Raina and Tod and meet more extended family over a good, old fashioned, shul bagel brunch.

Overall, few pics were taken toward the end of our trip, but the memories of fast-paced city fun and family times will last us until next visit.

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