Sunday, March 22, 2009

Still Celebrating Purim (and Chanukah)

On Purim itself, Tzofi and I partied like there was no tomorrow. Below, are scenes from our dress up and accessories party - Tzofi insisted on putting all her barettes in her hair. And soon enough, the photoshoot turned into a musical performance extravaganza with Tzofi showing off all she learns in school - and loves to sing all the time. Enjoy (and hold on to your seatbelts, cause it aint just cute, we think it's quite amazing too).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Purim Time! Enter the Busy Bee

For days at school, Tzofi was playing dressup - everything from animals to clowns to Geishas (or something Asian, it was weird). Then the big day arrived. Friday before Purim itself.

(wait for it)

The Modiin Purim Parade (cheers)

It was 80 degrees (no joke). And all the poor tots were so excited to wear their costumes. Warnings of overheating went unheeded (but still heated). That morning, Tzofi's eyes lit up upon viewing her 'busy bee' costume for this year. Have to admit, it came out pretty damn great.

The cuteness was unbearable. More pics to come. Here's the first photo shoot of the day.

Showing off her leg warmers

And the wings

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tzofi's At-Home Big 2nd Birthday Party

Luckily, Tzofi's birthday came out a day before election day here in Israel so to celebrate during the day off, we invited some of Tzofi's nearest and dearest for a brunch/ bagel and rainbow cake party. Tzofi and the rainbow cake were both big hits - for obvious reasons - each in their own right.

The Animal Whisperer

Zoo time, at the Ramat Gan Safari and Zoo, is special time for Harry and Tzofi. If you ask her, Tzofi zoo highlights include elephants, 'tushy' monkeys, snakes, giraffes, hippos, peacocks, and soft pretzels ("beigeleh"). On a recent early trip, Tzofi was the first, and only, kid to enter the petting zoo where she was welcomed by all the petting zoo animals who seemed to have yet to retreat from the pesky paws of the day's little visitors.

Tzofi seemed to provide an assuring calm to the animals, sharing her joy and love with them, including what seems to be a real moment with the sheep - an eye to eye transference of understanding. Enjoy below what we've come to call 'holy triumvirate' of Tzofi's zoo experience.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Musical Magic or Tzofi Plays the Blues

Tzofi plays the blues along with Guy Davis on "New Shoes" on Jack's Big Music Show - much to Noonie's (apparent) dismay

Monday, March 16, 2009

Guitar Hero

Well, Savta's week-long funtastic visit included tons of presents for Tzofi's 2nd birthday and tons of good playtime around the town. Upon receiving this lovely guitar from her parents for her very own - as opposed to Harry's small mandolin which is also consdiered "Foofi's"- Tzofi was quick to begin serenading Savta with one of her favorite hits, "You are my sunshine".