Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tzofia gets down.

My baby like to get down.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Family Fun with the Animals at the Zoo: A Story

One beautiful Friday afternoon in April, the Rubenstein-Haller-Locker family headed out to the Ramat Gan Safari Zoo for an afternoon of good ol' animal gawking and mimicry.

Savta and Tzofi decided to show some extra love for the baby goats in the petting zoo. Baa's were heard a'plenty as Tzofi led Savta to grant hugs to all the baby goats she could tackle, er, maul, er, pet.

Well, the whole family was just plumb tuckered out from all the excitement and decided to take a few minutes on a bench to regroup. But Tzofi kept pointing and yelling, monosyllabically,the equivalent of, "Safta, Look! Look who's here!"

And the three of them looked up to where Tzofi was pointing and she exclaimed, "Uncle Kivi!"

"Oh, Tzofi," chuckled the wise Dada. "That's not Uncle Kivi. But you're right, Uncle Kivi does have prehensile feet which he uses to climb and swing from tress."

"Oh," confirmed an enlightened Tzofi, "I better remember to ask Uncle Kivi about that next time I see him."

And She's Off

April has been very exciting around here as Tzofi continues to build up her walking skills with great enthusiasm and a fashionable flare for the dramatic.

She's also got quite a vocabulary with a real knack for conversation, especially when it involves her much-beloved Dada. If you listen closely you may detect some Hebrew in them thar babbles. Cool.

Strolling With Savta

Now that she's starting to walk, Tzofi loved nothing more than cruising from Dada's hugs to Savta's hugs.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hooray! Uncle Kivi and Randi Come to Town (Again)

Lots of fun and lots of love. Good times had by all.

Dressed up for Purim

Though I didn't see her walk through any walls that day, this Purim sure had Tzofi the 'scarlet speedster' showing off her super powers (for being cute). [PS. Hooray for my super sewing powers, came out pretty good no?]

Meanwhile, back at school, the Purim festivities continued all week. Tzofi donned her best RamBobo headpiece and conquered the ball-filled tent guerilla style as Ben looks either impressed by or scared of her incredible cuteness (again, a super power in and of itself).