Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Animal Whisperer

Zoo time, at the Ramat Gan Safari and Zoo, is special time for Harry and Tzofi. If you ask her, Tzofi zoo highlights include elephants, 'tushy' monkeys, snakes, giraffes, hippos, peacocks, and soft pretzels ("beigeleh"). On a recent early trip, Tzofi was the first, and only, kid to enter the petting zoo where she was welcomed by all the petting zoo animals who seemed to have yet to retreat from the pesky paws of the day's little visitors.

Tzofi seemed to provide an assuring calm to the animals, sharing her joy and love with them, including what seems to be a real moment with the sheep - an eye to eye transference of understanding. Enjoy below what we've come to call 'holy triumvirate' of Tzofi's zoo experience.

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