Friday, August 3, 2007

Our first trip to the States: Part 2, Jersey Shore

For Part 2 of Tzofi's US tour, we headed to Bradley Beach, NJ where the Boston Hallers eagerly awaited us. Abel and Tzofi took to each other immediately, while Ula and Olive were happy to finally meet "Baby Tzofia" and bring her toys. Good times were had by all as we surfed in the pool, sang songs and jumped on Uncle Kivi. Generally, waking up Uncle Kivi was a fun activity for all that weekend. Sunday's Big Reunion BBQ was a big hit as cousins from near and far reunited and met the new babies in town for the first time.

Our favorite Greenbergs then came up for a few days of cheesy beachside fun for kids big and small. As the oldest, Tamar led the way, winning prizes for everyone at the Frog Bog and Fishing booths. The train at Point Pleasant was Tzofi's first carnival ride with Harry (Nighthawk), Cindy, Tamar and Ilan. The next day, she rode the historic carousel at Seaside Heights - dates back to 1910 - with me (Mommy), Cindy, Ilan and Tamar. Super Jersey Shore fun was the highlight of our trip!

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