Thursday, August 30, 2007

Guess who came for dinner?

Well the purple room was in full swing as base camp for Uncle Kivi and Randi Jo's first-time Israel travels. Harry pulled out all the stops on an amazing gourmet meal to welcome our July guests who were happy to relax in Modiin - especially after their local two hour hike which somehow included rock climbing for Randi. From the salty beaches of Tel Aviv to the kindergartens of Dimona, Uncle Kivi seems to have inherited Savta's (amazing) sense of direction as he and Randi drove North, South and everywhere in between. Below are pics from our first forays into Jerusalem. The entire gang headed to the Old City on a hot Friday morning where upon seeing the Western Wall for the first time both Randi and Tzofia declared themselves the Messiah. good times.

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Uncle Kilo said...

For the record, it was the kindergarten in Arad that we visited, not Dimona. But we had an awesome time in the purple room and the food was amazing, we definitely suggest it for other young couples. Thanks again, Ziva, Harry, Beebs, and poonies.