Friday, March 9, 2007

The Wrath of the Bath

According to the child rearing bible, "What to Expect the First Year" also known as "How to scare the shit out of a parent in 30 pages or less," the bath time should be "calm," "soothing," "quiet" and "comforting." Although she appeared to enjoy her first baths, tonights bath was beyond disastrous. I would even venture to call it a debacle.

I'll recap as best as I can.
Harry: I'm filling the baby tub!

Ziva: Let me know when it's ready so I can get her undressed!


Harry: Shit! Flood! Where is the bath plug?

Ziva: I don't know, the water is leaking into the cabinets!!!!

Harry: Oh, here it is. Damn, we are running out of hot water! Hurry!

Ziva: I have to get her undressed! Where is her towel?

Harry: It got soaked in the flood!

Ziva: Oh No! Here we come!

During previous baths we have used a medicated soap that does not need to be washed off. Unbeknown to Ziva, Harry used a new soap that does indeed need to be washed off.

Tzofia: WAAAAAAAAAA......hehehehehehehe (as the warm water washes over her)

Ziva: Let's just get this done quick.

Harry: Ok, we just have to rinse her off.

Ziva: What do you mean? The soap can just stay on!

Harry: Shit. I didn't tell you I used the other soap?

Ziva: The water is getting cold!

Harry: Hurry!



Tzofia: What the f*ck?


Raina said...

I just read this blog entry. You just cracked me up. There is nothing Shea hates more than bath time. Todd and I have to psych ourselves up to give him a bath. Yesterday we were so excited when it was over that Todd held Shea a bit to long in the towel. Well Shea must have REALLY relaxed at that point because of a sudden Todd felt a warm moist sensation running down his leg. Yup, Shea peed on Todd. So glad I was in charge of putting away the bath toys. Take care. Love the blog

Uncle Kilo said...