Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finger Licking Firsts

Look who's 1 year old! (not me) What an amazing year it's been - what an amazing Bobo! And to celebrate, we kicked things into high gear with good friends, lots o' presents and big old birthday songs. Harry pulled out all the stops and made a delicious buttercream layered vanilla cake. The top looked straight out of Tzofi's favorite book - the Book of Feelings - and heralded her favorite activities these days - dancing and music! (Inside was a chocolate buttercream frosting layer, mmm.)

The cake was as delicious for everyone as it was for Tzofi who devoured her big chunk of cake and frosting and kept licking up anything leftover on her fingers.

And licking...

And licking...

And licking?

And (finally) eating the whole thing

And onto the next piece (no not really)

Happy Birthday Tzofi! We love you so much.


Uncle Kilo said...

Buttercream! My Favorite! Looks like a nice time. Nice work on the cake, Harry. And of course, Happy Birthday to my favorite niece (in Israel, that is).

Grandma J said...

Yum, Yum. Harry, I didn't know that you bake too! Happy Birthday to our super granddaughter!! Love Grandma and Grandpa