Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hello, Halo and Shalom

So Tzofi's been sprouting up words for the past few months I guess. And what's amazing is that she's racking up both English and Hebrew words. It started with Abba/ Dada and Ima/ Mama - which is now mostly Dada and Mama. But she still seems to have a growing range in both languages. Yesterday she said 'tapuach' when offered an apple. Though she knows the word apple - also as it relates to all other fruits that she doesn't call 'nana' - she seemed really excited to enunciate ta-poo-waaa. We also thought that was pretty amazing.

Then tonight she said, na'alayim (shoes). Now she's been loving her shoes (the english versions) for the past week, eagerly getting hers to put on, treading in mine, bringing Harry his and even putting some on Noonie. But tonight, seeing our shocked responses, she continued to point out all the na'alayim in her books, around the house, etc. Plus she had major fun pronouncing the words, experimenting with the 'y' and 'l' and 'yim' sounds.

So to record the larger achievements in both languages, she's also got the following words down pat: hello + halo + shalom; ball + kadoor; bye bye; baloon; ma zeh (what's this) and mee zeh (who's this); book; doggy; duckie; soos (horse); shoes + na'alayim; peh (mouth); 'znayim (ears); baby; sing; mayim (water); bottle + bakbook; degel (flag); nadned (see saw or swing); noonie (our dog); cookie; lo + no; two; apple + tapuach; banana; todah (thank you); and opah (or oopsy, said when someone or something). She also started recently saying 'hi mama' 'hi dada' and 'bye bye tzila' (her teacher at school and it comes out more like tzee'a).

Oh and when she throws something down, she puts her hands on her cheeks (McCauly Caulkin style) and says 'oy yoy yoy'. So damn cute.

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