Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trip to the States, Part 1: Out on the Island

So our August trip to the States was jampacked with excitement: New family, old friends, good times, lots of ice cream - and that was just the beginning out in Long Island.

The trip kicked off with a valiant effort to stave off Tzofi's jetlag. But the ocean-side park at West Meadow Beach failed to rally her attention. Sprinklers, swings, slides - no reaction. Ice cream? Zzzzz. She was really sleeping in this swing. Really.

A late afternoon stop with Dada to the Duck Pond though got her up and moving. Good times at Dada's favorite local haunts.

Day 2's excitement was a big welcome to Baby Joshua! Big hugs for Auntie Emily and Uncle John. And more grandparent-fun for Grandma and Grandpa. Hooray more toys for everyone!

Finally, our weekend adventure to the Riverhead Aquarium was a big hit - mayim (water), dagim (fish), penguins and more. Tzofi pointed,shouted with glee and dove right in. A first experience for her and fun for the rest of us.

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