Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Savta's Got Balls or Sukkot with Savta

Back in October, Tzofi woke up to a real big treat. After days of telling Tzofi that Savta's coming, she was finally here! And as everyone (Harry) built the Sukkah, Savta let the good times start rolling with tea parties with Tzofi and a game of throw all the balls you can find.

It was a nonstop vacation of Savta-love as we played in and around the house. Games were made up, skills were learned, songs were sang, and we had a great time - though no one enjoyed Savta's visit more than little Tzofi, who woke up the morning after Savta left looking for her and still wants to sing 'You are my sunshine' - referred to as 'suh-shine' - and dance out all the moves Savta taught her. Come back soon Savta we miss you!

Savta is that really you?

Now Tzofi, go get Savta all the balls. I'll throw them and you can run after them with glee, pick them up and return them to me on the chair one at a time.Sure is fun. I can stand on them too.
Hmm, I seem to be doing all the running around though, Tzofi began to realize.
Quick, she's on to me, better change the rules of the game, Savta began to realize
Who cares, it's still super fun with Savta, shouted Tzofi (though it came out as wheeee)
Or maybe just hang on to the side of the Sukkah and start my own new game.

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