Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shabbat Shalom

When Tzofi has school on Fridays, the half-day activities include Shabbat-related songs and preparations. Kabbalat Shabbat is celebrated through song - Hinei Ma Tov U'Mana'im for example - and dance - everyone holds hands and sways along - and brachot - lighting the candles and saying Kiddush. It's very cute. We discovered this one day when Tzofi, at home, declared the day "Yom Shishi, Erev Shabbat" (Friday, Shabbat eve), started singing a resounding version of Hinei Ma Tov, looked high and low for the Shabbat candles and demanded some "Kikush" juice. It was quite amazing.

The next Friday, Tzofi wanted to dress up for Shabbat and, in return, was honored at school with the nomination of "Ima Shabbat" or Shabbat mother. Her best friend, Gil, played the part of Abba Shabbat, or Shabbat father. When we showed up to pick her up, the two were hand in hand with their respective head coverings. Oh yeah, it was extremely adorable. Harry and I were convinced they would break out in a toddler rendition of "Sunrise Sunset" but maybe by the end of the year...

Ima Shabbat Tzofi lighting candles with her head covered.

Ima Shabbat Tzofi saying the "bracha" or blessing. Yes, she sings that too.
Abba Shabbat Gil saying Kiddush and tasting the "Shabbat juice".

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Keith said...

That is hilarious. Good Stuff!