Monday, December 21, 2009


Scenes from Tzofi's super cool school in Reut (a town nearby). It's a Montessori school in case the kids look a little glazed over..

Making Levivot (Latkes for all you Jews outside of Israel) for Hanukah
Sticking flowers onto the tree for Tu B'Shvat

Making juice from citrus fruits and drinking the fruits of their labor. The week's subject preceded a family school trip with the kids to a local citrus orchard where we picked fruit straight off the trees, pet animals and enjoyed a breakfast picnic.

Tzofi leading the group (with her teacher, or Ganenet, Suzi) in a rousing rendition of the 'Umbrella Song' during the winter, rainy months.
Tzofi enjoying breakfast with her posse (hooded best friend Noa Mala to her left)
The artist commanding her palette

Puppet Theater/ Drama class: And for all of you who've heard about Bubi, Tzofi's 'friend' from school who plays with her in the park, comes over for lunch or loves ice cream like she does, here he is visiting her class

Animal class: Playing with snakes
Observing porcupines

Concluding they're not her 'favorite'
Exercise class: Indoor extreme climbing

A moment of hooded fun with Noa Mala

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