Monday, February 26, 2007

Aye, there's the rub

It's amazing. Not five seconds in his arms, resting on his chest and hearing him coo 'In My Room' by the Beach Boys (that song does it like no other), and little Tzofia melts into the comfort zone. While I can always rely on the 'fountain's to calm her down, Harry's got some super knack for it. He sings her great songs - REM, the Cure, and the Ramones - and rocks her (literally) like no other. Me? I head for the cheesier for some reason: showtunes (Little Shop of Horrors) and 80s (Air Supply and Chicago). We laughed that if a giant cradled you in his arms, you'd feel safe and warm, too. But I think it's beyond that. To Tzofi, her Daddy is one big Teddy Bear replete with an awesome soundtrack and Howard Stern-esque humor (adapted however inappropriately for a baby, of course). And her Mommy is a singing, flamboyant cow udder - cheese and chopped liver included. I'll take it for now because it works. And because Fiddler on the Roof is on TV this afternoon. So Harry, enjoy your first day back at work, we'll be ok at home. After all, who needs the Beatles when we've got Topol!

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