Sunday, February 25, 2007

In the Name of the Baby

It's interesting how nicknames evolve. At first, Ziva was slighly confused and would accidently refer to the baby as Nooshnoosh, which is one of the dozen nicknames we have for our dog Noonie. Others include Noonster, Nooniepoons, Poopoos, Noonoo, and my personal favorite, Noonie Poopins. I believe the source of this confusion has something to do with the "post-partum hormones are all over the place" syndrome. Now that two weeks have passed since Tzofia's birth, Ziva has finally settled on an original nickname for the little tyke. These days Ziva is calling her Bobo. I'm not quite sure where Bobo came from, but at least Noonie can feel special once again.

Now what about me? I've had a nickname for her ever since she was in the womb. It's a fun name that evokes both prestige and degredation. I deemed her Princess Poopie Pants. It's quite fitting, trust me.

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