Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Legend of Sidekick Stinky McRubes

Hard to believe, but within two weeks of the great photo shoot below of Rubin and Tzofi, Rubin passed away from kidney failure. It was all so sudden and quick. And we're sorely missing his presence in the house. Rubin was all heart, litle brain, tons of spirit and lots of hair. Back in March, I started writing a post about Noonie and Rubin and Tzofi. It seems fitting to recap.

Many of you have been asking how the dogs are reacting to Tzofi. So I thought I would dedicate some time and prose to Rubin and the Noonster. First Rubin, he is afterall the easy one. Rubin's happy doing one of five things: loving (ie. cuddling); going on a walk; playing; getting treats or sleeping. And he barks when people come in the house or to the door. Even near the door seems to get his bark on. Rubin's territorial but loyal. So loyal that his self-appointed role as 'protector' of us Rubenstein women - Noonie included - has naturally extended itself to include Tzofi. Rubin's been amazing with Tzofi so far. He seems to really love her too. He follows her everywhere. He kisses her. Watches her. Barks when she's upset (true story). And generally seems to like hanging out with her - whether on the play mat, the bathroom or under her crib.

Oh stinky McRubes, we didn't want to say goodbye. We miss you so much already. We hope you had a wonderful life. And we promise to regale Tzofi with stories of her legendary, loyal sidekick. This one's for you, little dude!

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