Wednesday, July 11, 2007

First things first

So we're way behind in posting some udpates on Tzofi. And aside from recounting all the great moments of Tzofi's debutante trip to the States, we must start with the big news: the firsts.

Since coming back, Tzofi's had her:
- first cold and cough. poor thing.
- her first food! a pureed (organic) tomato which according to Dr. Funny (he fancies himself quite the standupist (that's Hebrew for stand up comedian, not kidding) would be great vitamin C and a good healthy Mediterranean fruit to start with. he then made me swear not to tell the nurses at the well baby clinic that I started foods without their permission. oy.) it went over well. and tzofi loves playing with her spoon and the food so the videos will begin with some rice cereal soon.
- and her first tooth! well if a little prickly sharp nub coming out of her gums counts. it's certainly the tip of the iceberg, if you ask me. hopefully when the whole bit starts to grow in, her smile will sparkle in the blazing summer sun. and of course,the pics will follow.

Now that those milestones have been mentioned, we have to go back in time. Please send pics to me, zhrubenstein{at}gmail{dot}com, from any of the days we shared together - on the island, at the beachhouse, in the city - so we can form a composite photo essay of Tzofi's East coast tour *Summer 2007 Whoooo!*).
Looking forward to hearing from you all and missing everyone already!

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Grandma J said...

We miss you too!!! Grandma and Grandpa